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Welcome to thepropertyshop Landlord Hub expert advice and important news about letting your property.

Owners Ryan and Kathryn are homeowners and Landlords themselves. They know what YOU want from a Letting Agent, and they look after all their properties as if they were there own.

Ryan is the GoTo Guy on advice about Property, a regular columnist in the local Bridlington Echo on all aspects of Property, from Legislation to Eviction. Checkout his Landlord Advice

Many many years ago they looked for a local agent and found no agents that offered a full solution, prices were not transparent, to be honest they said it was a mindfield, and many were not landlords and didn't fully understand the business, so found it was just not worth it.

Hence they have never put their properties with an agent and decided to their own business, many Landlords were asking Ryans advice and for his expertise.

A very superb Landlord that they look after properties for, recently stated "I wish thepropertyshop had existed twenty years ago, I would have saved myself a fortune and alot of stress"

All our prices currently have NO VAT to add, thats NO VAT on:-

Management Fee, Monthly Fee, or Maintenance jobs whilst they manage your property and even if they did they would still be 12.5% Monthly Management fee.

ALL Landlords pay the same, no mates rates, no special discounts, no bargaining on Fees, thepropertyshop value current landlords, and potential, giving the same quality professional service.

Its worth doing the sums, see how much you will pay over the year with another agent, Management Fee, Monthly Fee then all the other fees they charge on top that we don't :- Renewal Fee, Inspection Fee, Inventory Fee, Moving In Fee, Moving Out Fee etc.......

The only add on is they Offer is Rent Protection @£150.00. 99.9% of Landlords listen to thepropertyshops advice and take this out. 12 Months guaranteed rent on the property, renewable yearly. Tenants are Credit Checked and Referenced, its about putting the right people in the right property.

So whether you are a Landlord of or have a number of; block of flats, House(s), Commercial Property, checkout 'our Services' and 'lets let' pages for all your Property Management Services


FREE time to do what you want to do..... WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER

Worth thinking about, give us a ring, book a FREE Consultation, no hard sell, and if you want to speak to any of our current Landlords then that wouldn't be problem.Knocking on doors, collecting money, Inspecting and getting their hands dirty, dealing with maintenance problems at your property are all part and parcel of the job. Knowing your property inside and out, and

Lets reassure you:-

  • They are homeowners, landlords
  • Bridlington born and bred
  • Family run and proven trustworthy
  • an excellent service
  • get top rental price for your property for a decent fee.  

Giving worth and value. They are worth the money and give value for money.


We grow from Referral by our landlords, tenants, trademen, customers, and by word of mouth, we like that.  Building a reputation on service, advice, loyalty and trust.  Good landlords with good properties that, like us have re-invested into their properties for the future.

We think we are actually the most caring agent in town, we can look you in the eye and say we WILL look after your property like it is our own.  

We don't just take on any property either its got to be upto regulation and stay that way, that means you as a landlord have an obligation to do repairs etc and look after your asset, which we will manage and advise accordingly on.

Landlords come first with good properties, secondly the right tenant in the right property, now that is the hard bit.

After 25 years experience with our own properties, we credit check and reference everyone, only Registered tenants can be offered a viewing after eligibility and affordability checks (which are FREE to tenants, we want good tenants)

We make it our business to know all our landlords and tenants.

Call for a Free consultation about your property, we will view and advise you accordingly,

NO UPFRONT FEE, your property advertised on ZOOPLA and ONTHEMARKET two of the UK's most popular Property sites, we take the hassle out of letting


Easy, simple and no hassle Letting to you, why do Landlords use thepropertyshop


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